SADARS amateur radio society is located in central Shefford


Amateur Radio is an exciting and rewarding hobby, with something to suit everyone .

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Bumper Kit and Junk Sale on the 30th of June 2022, at 20:00  in Shefford Community Hall, Shefford, SG17 5AX
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SADARS amateur radio club kit auction

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We meet on Thursdays  at the Community Hall, Shefford, starting around  20:00.  See the ‘Programme’ tab for details of what’s on.

The club has a friendly, informal atmosphere and there will always be someone on hand to welcome and guide you if you are new to the hobby, so please, feel welcome to come along and join in.

SADARS Social gathering of the Shefford and District Amateur Radio Society in Shefford Community hall
Social gathering of the club in the meeting hall

2m FM Net:
For those who can not make it to the club, we have a net starting  on 145.500 MHz. every Wednesday at 20:00 so you can catch up with  news of activities and developments within the club, and share your own experiences with other members.

Top Band Net:
For those who prefer the lower bands, we also have a regular top band net on Monday evenings at 19.00 on 1.985 MHz LSB.

A multi-faceted hobby

If you are new to Amateur Radio, this video may show you some aspects of the hobby you weren’t aware of  …


RSGB News broadcasts:
The club has a number of members who broadcast the GB2RS news bulletins to the local area.   You can catch up with the news on-air by tuning to one of these regular news broadcasts:-

2 metres FM:
Broadcast at 10:00 every Sunday morning on 145.525 MHz FM

4 metres FM:
Broadcast at 10:00 every Sunday morning on 70.425 MHz FM

80 metres AM:
Broadcast at 08:00 every Sunday morning on 3.650 MHz AM

Our Club has a long and successful history…

The 4th of October 2018 was the club’s 70th year of continuous operations, so  members,  ex-members, wives and associates attended  to celebrate its past and to look forward to the future!

Thanks to all who attended, it was a really great evening!

An active amateur radio society with a wide range of activities and benefits for members.