24 Sept. 2015 – Friedrichshafen 2015 by Bryan, M0BIK

ExhibitionIn June 2015, Brian, M0BIK, Don, G4LOO, Terry, G4UEM and Andy, G8ATD set out in a nine seater bus to drive to the Amateur Radio Exhibition at Friedrichshafen. They could have flown but since they might have bought large items to bring back, the bus was the best option. The trip was viewed as a holiday, so stopping at interesting places along the way would break up the long drive. The first night was spent in Belgium at a pre-booked hotel. On day two, they arrived at Stuttgart  to visit the Mercedes Benz museum. This modern building housed many of the notable vehicles the company had built in the past starting with the first Benz car from 1886 powered by petrol.
Upon arrival at the ‘Ham’ radio exhibition they found three large halls filled with 200 exhibitors from 34 countries. The number of visitors was expected to reach 17,100, and that didn’t include the flea market with 297 exhibitors from 25 countries! Nearby were the Dornier and Zeppelin Museums which were very interesting. Later, by way of a break, the four took a boat ride on Lake Constance, known in Germany as Bodensee before starting the long drive back home. They had decided to take a different route home via Maastricht and upon nearing Dunkirk found that the Police had closed all routes due to the lorries being backed up waiting for a crossing.
After studying the maps, it was decided to try for the Hook of Holland and they managed to book a place on the ferry to Harwich. They arrived in the UK at 8pm but still had to make the journey down to Dover where Andy lives. The rest of the group arrived home about 2am after having driven a total of 1800 miles and Bryan had to work the next day!

A few 'Old Favourites'
A few ‘Old Favourites’
Mercedes- Benz Museum
The Mercedes- Benz Museum
In the blue shirts, L to R Don, Andy, Bryan and Terry enjoying the sunshine!
In the blue shirts, L to R, Don, Andy, Bryan and Terry enjoying the sunshine!