8 Oct. 2015 – CQWW SSB Planning

Don, G4LOO started by looking back at last year. Details of who won in our division and their score was examined. How did we do? We were third out of seven entries! Details of how points were lost and what to look out for when logging this year were discussed.

Don then went on to bring members up to date with the rigs and antennas to be used, including a new antenna for receive only.

Setting up will start on Friday, 23 Oct at 10:00 am BST. Please remember to bring some tools, your hard hat, if you have one, and also a 2m handheld for communicating up and down the field. Also, as in the past, remember to bring your own cup and plate with eating irons. Don’t forget we will also need to take down and pack away the antennas on Monday morning starting at 10:00.