22 Oct. 2015 – Restoring Jukebox Amps

AndyAndy, G8ATD told members the first Jukeboxes appeared in the UK in 1953 when a London manufacturer, who had an agreement with the US owner, began building them here. The UK government’s import restrictions meant that items from abroad could be sold only if their content produced here was 53% or greater. The overall appearance was, however, the same on both sides of the Atlantic. Andy said it was the working mechanism on show in the BAL-AMI Junior, introduced in 1956, that first caught his eye when he was very young and that is the unit he has restored.
Almost all of Andy’s restorations now are, however, confined to the amplifiers. He explained he wanted to keep as many parts as possible, but some which had been stressed by high voltage or age simply couldn’t be reused. Replacement parts were made to look like the originals, if possible. It was apparent that Andy’s electronic experience stood him in good stead since the building methods used in the 50s certainly don’t stand up to today’s standards.

Inside Amp