29 Oct. 2015 – Early Communications – by David, G8UOD

Frederic Remington's Painting of Smoke Signals
Frederic Remington’s Painting of  Native Americans Signaling using Smoke.

David began by telling of communications before the time of the Royal Signals when communications were accomplished by means other than electronics. These included carrier pigeons, flags, smoke and lights from fires and reflections of the sun. In 1830 the first electric telegraph by Wheatstone and Cook was in use, although In 1753 an anonymous writer in the Scots Magazine suggested an electrostatic telegraph, it was not followed up. Further inventions in electrics and magnetism led to better methods of communications using multiple wires through to the receivers.

David detailed the progress of electronic communications by wireless brought about by Marconi, the GPO and the Military including the many types of sets used during the First World War till it’s end.

Sets used in WW1