Radio Fox Hunt

17 May 2012

The Spring mobile 2M Fox Hunt started promptly at 8pm. The fox was Ken and Ian Taylor who had found a spot in a new build estate which was only partially built but already had at least two families who had moved in. Fortunately, for the fox, the entrance was marked as having CCTV and security etc. so appeared to be not in use. But, as you know, appearances can be deceiving. While we were getting set up, a security guard came by, but just gave us a wave. Ian decided to have a word with him to explain what we were doing. The guard was amused but not bothered. The photo shows our location, but the Google Earth photo is old and the site is much more advanced than shown.

Transmissions on 145.550 were made for two minutes every 10. We were beginning to feel we had finally beaten all the fox hunters when, after some clues were given, Don and Bryan’s headlight came into view at 2108. They had driven only 6 miles. They were followed shortly, 2114, by Stephen and Brian who had driven 10 miles. Third on the scene were John, our secretary, and Peter at 2122 having driven a total of 13 miles. By this time, we had a good number of cars congregating in the gathering darkness. At 2124 Paul T. arrived; his mileage was 14 miles. Also arriving at almost the same time was newcomer Darren at 2126 (17 miles) who lives at Dunstable and seemed keen to know about our club and activities. David and Derek made a start, but didn’t make the finish.

My thanks to Victor for acting as ‘The Marshall’ gathering all the starting mileages and keeping the frequency clear between my transmissions. All the ‘fox hunters’ gathered at our usual watering hole for a drink and discussions about what and why they went the wrong way!