26 Nov. 2015 – Brian’s Audio Quiz

A good turn out was divided into five teams of four members each. The first round was recordings of music or voice passages for teams to identify locations, counties, or persons.
Round two was all about Desert Island Disks, started by identifying the theme music, followed by nine well known persons who have appeared on the programme. A short voice clip of each was played for teams to identify.
Round three was about the 1960s with questions and audio clips from film, music and politics.
Round four was the last and the most difficult. Brian played three sound clips and teams were challenged to find the link between them and then name what would be the next item in the sequence.
While the rounds were being played, teams were also challenged to name the country of each of a number of QSL cards from the archive. The country’s name had been blocked out on the photocopies supplied.
The quiz was won by Team One, ‘The Dodgy DXers’ made up of               Victor Brand, Owen Williams, Peter Webb and John Airey who each were awarded a bottle of wine!
The lowest scored team won a traditional wooden spoon for each member, and they will remain anonymous.