28 Jan 2016 – Judging the Construction Contest


Judging the Contest

Eighteen members were present at this year’s judging of the 2016 Construction Contest.
Submitted this year were 10 projects built at home during the past year or so. The only class with no entries was the Novice Class which is limited to members who have never entered a project in previous years. All members present on the evening serve as judges and all use the supplied score sheet detailing the judging criteria.

The Kit section was won this year by Victor, G3JNB who submitted the Pixie, a very small 40M 500 mW transceiver bought from China for £2.85 including P&P!

The Weekend Special section was won by Don, G4LOO who showed his dual 12V 47A power supply built for less than £50. A list of costs was supplied.

The Major Project was also won by Don, who this year submitted a 10 to 2 Antenna Switch of his own design.

The winners are being asked to give a short presentation about their projects on the eleventh of February.

The Pixie
The Pixie
Don's Dual 12V 47A Power Supply
Don’s Dual 12V 47A Power Supply
The 10 to 2 Antenna Switch
The 10 to 2 Antenna Switch