Top Band DF Hunt

For the record, here is Gary’s report after the DF hunt on the 31st of May, 2012:

There were only two that found me, the rest being out-foxed by the
terrain; and the troubles with equipment!

The winner was Steve M0DYR. Stewart G3RXQ was second.

I was using a 2.5m long fibreglass whip on a magmount, itself attached
to the middle of the roof of my car. The whip used to be the top section
of a ‘Shakespeare Super Big Stick’ CB homebase aerial. I had tested and
loaded it before, but last night the matcher struggled to load the
aerial and keep the SWR down. With the need to increase the transmit
power, I had to sit there with the engine running as my FT-757GX appears
to be very voltage sensitive and not happy down at 12V. Had I realised,
I could have packed my 13.8V PSU and an extension lead, and powered it
all from my friend’s flat.

So where was I? Right at the end of Lucas Way. It is quite confusing as
you reach what looks like the end where you see a block of garages. You
have to follow it around the 180 degree turn and walk back on yourself
to actually reach the end. Ironically, if people had walked towards the
little playground and looked to their left, they would have seen the
fibreglass whip giving away my location.

Here are the co-ordinates:

52° 2’32.15″N