19 May 2016 – Top Band DF Hunt

Ian  reporting on the top band fox hunt last night:

The fox was in its ‘hole’ on the edge of ‘Bellcote Meadow, Millennium Green Breathing Spaces’ This is a recreational area behind the houses down Purcell Way which is off the Clifton Road Shefford, slightly east of Hong Kong House Chinese takeaway.

We were found by a single hound in 34minutes (2034 BST) whose name tag read Alan G4PSO. The remaining hounds were found eventually by the fox where they were rehydrating themselves in the Brewery Tap.

Rig comprised Kenwood TS-480 25 watts to a centre loaded whip on a steel base plate and mat of chicken wire.

Ian, G3ORG (fox 1)  and Martin, M6CSI (fox 2)