I Heard That. . . Pardon! by Stewart, G3RXQ

Stewart’s presentation started with the ‘not so well known’ quote ‘I heard that… pardon!’ from an early 70s TV programme called ‘I didn’t know you cared’.  Stewart had a look back at the ‘good old days’ when there was a good chance that our transmissions might cause interference in a number of ways, while the interference we were experiencing was rather limited compared to modern times. Almost every day now, we hear of more ‘modern’ electronic wonders that cause more interference. So, what can we do about it.

Stewart outlined a systematic approach using flow charts to keep the search going in a logical fashion.  Apart from knowing where the interference was coming from and what to do about it, we learned that not all services are treated equally by Ofcom.  The three classes of protection status which saw the radio amateur as being ‘Protected from harmful interference’ gave us the feeling that we haven’t been completely left out of the protection process.

Of course, there are a number of ways we can deal with incoming interference ourselves; by removing the source, increasing the separation, using a separate receive aerial or by the use of filters and phasers etc. The receive aerials described  were loops, pennants and flags to minimise the received interference. All of which were described in detail.

At this point, Stewart decided it was time for tea and questions!