29 Sept 2016 – The Royal Corp of Signals, Part 3

WS-46 c 1942 and WS-88 c 1949
                                                         WS-46 c 1942 and WS-88 c 1947

David, G8UOD gave a short recap of part 1 and 2 which brought signalling from basic signal fires up to the end of the Second World War.

Part 3 detailed the equipment and organisations during the ‘peace’ that followed. The overall outlook in radio changed from simple HF/VHF voice communications to computer controlled equipment linked over satellite and the internet with the ability to use GPS data.

During this time, the brigades were reorganised into smaller groups with fewer men since modern equipment needs fewer operators. Progress in encryption systems now provides transmissions by voice, data, and video during battlefield conditions from mobile installations.  The systems can handle large amounts of data including surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance data.

The BID - 60 c 1949
                                                 The BID – 60 c 1949