20 Oct. 2016 – High Altitude Ballooning by Andrew Garratt

Andrew shows a small transmitter
Andrew shows a small transmitter

A full house heard Andrew explain just what High Altitude Ballooning meant. How the hobby started from interest in weather balloons and developed into a sport which includes it’s own dedicated software and equipment.

A short history followed as Andrew told of early pioneers and modern day flights which included some with human payloads seeking altitude heights and parachute jumps. Modern balloons can carry equipment to provide telemetry to record and transmit heights, wind directions and temperature as well as video during the flight. This transmitted information can be monitored live and plotted online by others interested in following flights.

Since some balloons can attain great heights, Andrew explained the regulations with regard to size of balloon, launch location and wind direction so as not to interfere with aircraft flight paths and other no fly zones which include motorways and built up areas.

The equipment Andrew has used was on display and working, sending telemetry recorded during an earlier flight, but this time including photos of the assembled club members.

Questions might have continued till midnight if time hadn’t been called!

launchingMore information can be found at: http://tracker.habhub.org and https://ukhas.org.uk