21 June 2012, Club Project Update

Richard, G3NII started by explaining how the circuit worked and why certian components were used. He also explained why minor modifications were being introduced.  Ian, G3ORG followed by drawing a block diagram to show how areas worked with others.   Ian also had a test set up to demonstrate the effectivness of the project. Members then submitted their projects to be checked.

Paul, G1GSN who supplied the close up photos of the board says: The picture of the standing resistor is the new one – changed from 100 ohms to 33 ohms. Instead of mounting on the output (awkward), the resistor stands in the redundant hole of the noise switch. That moves just a little bit inboard and makes space away from PTT  input and the 12V supply. I thought it would be a good idea to show where the new C18(100pF) fits across the resistor R1(1k), hence the view of the solder side of the PCB.