6 April 2017 – Special Forces Coms. Equipment 1970 – 1980

Members and visitors were treated to a display of 70s to 80s communications equipment and a    talk    by   our   guest   speaker   Mervyn Foster, G4KLE

Mervyn explained how he started out in radio and achieved his Morse proficiency in the Merchant Navy where he qualified as a Radio Officer in 1962. From there he moved to the Royal Corps of Signals and other military positions where his Morse stood him in good stead.  His uncle had held the callsign G3CN and this spurred an interest in   Amateur Radio which resulted in achieving G4KLE.

Mervyn gave a detailed explanation of the equipment he had on show and explained it’s use in the field under less than optimum conditions.

PRC 316                                  and PRC 320, just two of the many items on display