27 April 2017 – The Secret Life of a Transverter by Sam Jewell, G4DDK

Sam travelled from Ipswich to give his talk, originally prepared for the 2016 RSGB convention. However, on this occasion Sam wanted to focus on the use of transverters at 2M.  Starting with the basics, he detailed what was involved and how it could  be accomplished with good design.  An in depth description followed including phase and amplitude noise figures and how they affect received and transmitted signals. It soon become apparent that Sam had not lost his enthusiasm for difficult projects  since his  retirement as a radio engineer at the British Telecom Research Labs.  Sam explained the short comings of many popular rigs produced to be ‘all thing to all amateurs’ while showing that highly specialized design might produce highly specialized results for those pursuing niche interests such as EME and DX using VHF,UHF and microwaves.

As an example of what these implementations might look like, Sam  passed around the newest  144MHz Anglian 3 transverter for inspection

The Anglian 3 produced as a kit.  See  Sam’s Microwave page at  http://www.g4ddk.com/