Planning VHF/UHF NFD, 7 & 8 July 2012

There will be three stations set up in the Shefford A group: 23 cm with station manager Andy, 2M with station manager Stewart, and 70 cm, looked after by Steve and Brian.  The station managers plan to be available for the entire contest. The Shefford B station manager will be Terry running the 4M station till 10 PM on Saturday and then 6M on Sunday. As always, members are needed to operate.

This year there will be no paper logs!  All contact details must be entered directly into the electronic log running on the laptops.  Paul, who was heading the VHF/UHF NFD planning session pointed out that all entries must be absolutely correct in every detail or the entire contact will be lost.

Of course, there will be catering facilities on site for those who have signed the work schedule which includes setting up on Saturday, 7 July starting at 0900 UTC.  and packing up  on Sunday, 8 July 1400 UTC.

Members may attend even if they haven’t sign up!