Video Evening, 19 July 2012

Last evening, the club had a video evening, mostly due to other plans not coming to fruition.  We saw a film made in 1942  to boost the morale and team spirit of the factory workers at Hallicrafters.

The company showed how they adapted a transmitter made for the amateur market for use by the military. The finished product was the SCR-299, a complete mobile HF station on frequencies from 2 to 8 MHz (and 1–18 MHz using conversion kits) with transmitter output of 300 watts  AM or 400 watts CW!  As a footnote, I see the cost of the amateur transmitter (BC-610) was $700. – about the same price as a new car!

Then a great leap in time and technical advancement, the next video showed slow motion close ups of the Shuttle launches. Over one hundred and fifty cameras placed near critical parts of the Shuttle captured images at up to 400 frames per second to show engineers just what happened during a launch.  Very impressive imagery!

 Next Week, Thursday, 26th of July, will be the BBQ at Barry’s field.  The BBQ should be lit about 18:00 BST to be ready for a start at 18:30 BST.  Bring your own Picnic, seating, plates and cups as well at cutlery. Forecasters are saying the weather should be a bit more like summer!