31 May 2018 – SOTA by Gareth, M5KVK

High up on Sifnos, 2015

Gareth M5KVK explained Summits on the Air (SOTA) and how the UK is divided into regions the same as the normal amateur regions, each region divided into areas. In England there are 10 districts with 175 summits. The summits are gauged by height to allocate a points system between 1 and 10, naturally, 10 being the highest.

This part of the hobby is well managed by associations for each region and information on who is on the air is uploaded to the web so those planning to participate have some idea of what activity there is. SOTA has world wide followers and, as we know, there are thousands of summits spread over Europe and other countries.

Gareth showed how his logging was done as well as going on line to show how much information there is on SOTA. He also showed his equipment which included a small Elecraft KX2 with an output of 10 watts on HF using a battery with a life of about 4 hours.

The evening was very interesting and members were surprised to find there is so much information and interest about the subject, in use and on line.

Text provided by David, G8UOD

Equipment ready to operate!  Photos M5KVK