14 June 2018 – Mobile DF hunt

This year David, G8UOD was the ‘Fox’ and was ready for the start at 2000 hrs.

There were six hounds:

Ian G3ORG >
Martin M0XMP >shared a car
Paul G1GSN
Derek M0DLM *
Geoff G3XDE * Shared a car
Alan G4PSO

Ian and Martin were the first to find the ‘Fox’ in 6.4 miles. at 20.38 hrs.  Derek and Geoff were next, just in time at 10 miles. at 21.10 hrs.
Alan gave up and went home as did Paul, but he met up with us at the watering hole.
Everybody thought it was a good hunt and the hide was a good one.

(report by David, G8UOD)