21 June 2018 – A Visit to Moonraker UK Ltd.

The visit to Moonraker went well. There were 22 visitors who were given an outline of the business, their market and the size of their customer base, much of which is mail order, covering a large geographical area selling products all over Europe. (www.moonraker.eu)

The business has changed over the past few years and the old small shop/showroom has now become large with a very broad selection of amateur equipment, including many transceivers, both handheld and base station. They sell a large variety of antennas and the accessories to go with them.

Some visitors made purchases of equipment, while others asked questions. For this visit the  group was split into two for a guided tour around the warehouse, offices and the workshop where aerials are made. The business has grown substantially over the recent past and Moonraker has become a market wholesaler as well as retailer.
Coffee, tea and soft drinks with biscuits were provided. All in all, an interesting evening.

(Report by David, G8UOD)