8 Nov. 2018 – “My Old Rig” Topic for Discussion

Kenwood 599S twins (demonstrated by Paul G1GSN)

The idea for this topic was put forward by Bryan Bourne last year. Members were asked to  bring in old rigs or photos to tell of rigs they had owned or known.  The discussion was started with a slide show of rigs that were ‘known but not owned’. That was mainly because the rigs were used while serving in the military during the 1950’s.  This continued on to more modern rigs with a description as to why they were changed to something more up to date. Then other members presented slide shows of their rigs through the years. This was followed by members who brought in their actual equipment from past years. All were of a manageable size and weight, i.e. no ‘Boat Anchors’   Members said later during the tea and biscuits that the evening was very interesting and fun.

In photos below, the RX is a US Navy command set CCT-46104 dated Feb 1942 modified for plug in coils covering 160,80,and 40. Extra audio stage and heaters wired for 12 volts. TX is home brew 6 valve (includes voltage stabiliser for VFO) 160m AM/CW 10 watts from 5763 PA and 6BW6 AF.   HT supplied by motor generator under bonnet with home brew soft start circuit, used in his car  (from Ian G3ORG)

(Shown below) For mobile use the antenna was home brew 7ft 6in base loaded whip with 1ft adjustable top for tuning 160 band.  Loading coil 3in diameter 12in long filled with 10swg wire. Used a chest mike and foot switch (PTT) under the clutch pedal!  (from Ian G3ORG)