29 Nov. 2018 – Video evening

This evening we watched a video from the RSGB 2018 Convention featuring a talk by Tim Duffy, K3LR from West Pennsylvania. Tim has engineered a station over the last twenty seven years or so that is perhaps the number one Multi-Multi contest stations in the world!  We saw mast after mast loaded with an unbelievable number and size of antennas.  As Tim once said when he was giving a short demo on 20m SSB and a station in Sweden couldn’t believe Tim was only running 100w. You can’t understate the power of 24 elements which makes 100w sound like 1500w.

It’s not possible to include all Tim’s station details here, but you can search for K3LR or K3LR antenna fly-by to see for yourself.  It’s very impressive.

AA7BQ photo during his visit (check QRZ.com, K3LR for more)