21 Mar 2019 – The AGM

The meeting began at 20:00 with apologies for absences; there were none. The meeting followed the usual sequence without delay and Victor, G3JNB was asked to take the meeting for the election of officers and committee members who were returned unopposed.

They are:

Chairman,                    Ken, G4YRF
Vice Chairman         Martin, M0XMP
Secretary                   David, G8UOD
Treasurer                   Owen, G0PHY
Equipment officer    Don, G4LOO
Contest Officers       Don (HF) and Paul (VHF)
GDPR Officer           Gareth, M5KVK
Committee                 Paul, G1GSN
Committee                 John, G6RHL

The meeting ended with the presentation of cups and plaques:

Kit construction   Martin, M0XMP received the DR. Little cup
Weekend Special Don, G4LOO received the G2DPQ cup
Club Support Don, G4LOO received the G3JKK shield
Best Talk by a member, Richard, G3NII received the G4CBI cup
The Bryan Bourne Quiz trophy was won by the ‘Brewery Tappers:
Don G4LOO, Brian G8GHR, Richard G3NII and Paul G8UIG (not present)