16 May 2019 – James Graves, communications Pioneer

MR. JAMES GRAVES was born on the 4th August, 1833, at Chesterton, near Cambridge

A good turnout came to hear Donard, M0KRK tell of the history of under sea cables and the part James Graves played in their success. It appeared from the start that Donard knew more history of the man than expected, then he told how he was a descendant of James through his wife’s family.  As a result, he had access to a very large pile of James’ technical papers.

Donard explained that in the early days of undersea cable, little was knows about the problems about to be faced. It was a completely different story from over land cables,  A quick search will show there were many highly skilled and educated men working on the project, which in the end produced a result, overtaken only by the use of long range radio. Having said that, undersea fibre optic cables now carry gigabits of internet information around the clock