31 Jan 2012 – Video “Malpelo, DXpedition of the Year”

Malpelo Island

The tranquil view of an island at sunset belies the dangerous rocks, sheer, near vertical climb from the sea and the heat and bugs that beset the 20 man team of radio amateurs from six nations who spent the best part of 15 days making contacts throughout the world.  This was the story told in the video we watched last evening.  The Malpelo HK0 DXCC entity ranked number twelve in the all-time ‘most wanted’ list.

Club members were impressed by the numbers of QSO per hour and the final total of just over 195,000 QSOs.        The operation was a ‘Tent and Generator’ operation and little wonder it was chosen as  the ‘Dxpedition of the year, 2012’