7 Feb 2013 A “Natter Night”

It was what we used to call a ‘Natter Night’, but in reality, it was a round table discussion on topics which were set before the meeting.

The subject of Club Nets was brought up first; why are they not supported more and is it because we have chosen to use the wrong bands. Many members cited the large antenna needed for Top Band as a hindrance. Of course, there was a time when almost all members had something for Top Band as a matter of course, but these days the band has fallen out of favour somewhat, perhaps due to smaller gardens and antenna restrictions in places.

Most members do have the short antenna and rig to support a Club Net on 2 Meters, but other things seem to be happening at the same time. I can see that in the days before communications by the internet, these nets served a very useful purpose, but now, communications at a time and place more suited to the members seems to be the preferred method.  That said, there are a few members who still enjoy using both Top Band and 2M in the Club Nets.

On the subject of ‘Home Brewing’, various projects were discussed. This is, of course, in addition to the pending ‘Club Project’ which is still in development.

The G100RSGB callsign was the next item for discussion and several members said they had worked one of the current stations.  We, as a club, will have planning and operations later in the season.  (28-30 June on the air.)

The usefulness of the Reverse Beacon Network was discussed. Most members have heard of it but not all had actually used it.  It was pointed out that it could be a useful tool for antenna comparisons as well as checking equipment updates and propagation.