Dealing with your Lelantos measurement —–7 Nov. 2020

Well, the first thing is to have a good look at the results using Lelantos to show the graphs.  Of course, if you believe you are being troubled by VDSL QRM you will already know that, but this may prove the source. If you’re still unclear about the situation, read:

The next step is to report the interference to Ofcom:

This may seem a daunting task, but in essence it’s really a statement of facts. You may be asked to keep a log of the stations you cannot hear due to QRM from VDSL (!)  This may be accomplished by comparing what you hear to that of a nearby online SDR or comparisons with another nearby radio amateur. The QRM will not be dealt with if only a few radio amateurs report it.

It has been known that Ofcom do not always provide a usable answer to the problem, so what to do?  Take it a step further.

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