Second Club Meeting – 16 Sept 2021

On the 16th of September we held our second ‘proper’ meeting; 13 members attended. The chairs were arranged in our usual format, which helped.

The topic for discussion was Telescopic Fibreglass Masts and some issues  with their use.

David explained how if affected by wind they can slip and retract a little.  This can be overcome by using jubilee clips. However, this in itself can cause problems as the metal can damage the mast.

The use of plastic tubing, as used in fish tanks, folded over the clip greatly reduces the hard pressure. The clips are located where the sections of mast are located.  This will prevent the mast slipping down and making the guys slack, which will stop the mast being damaged in high winds.

A selection ‘U’ bolts was demonstrated to enable fibreglass masts to be clamped to polls or other securing devices. These clamps come pre coated with hard rubber to prevent damage to the mast.

This short talk lead to some debate about where these clamps could be purchase and some of the problems others had had with their masts.

(text by David, G8UOD)