9 May 2013 – Designing & Building an In-ground Swimming Pool

Ian, G3ORG started by saying, ‘why, where, and how?’  The interesting part was the ‘how’.

Having chosen a high-quality fibreglass-reinforced vinyl preformed pool shell, he had to provide the hole for it. Not ‘just a hole’, but a perfect opening in the ground that would provide the correct support for the shell and the weight of the water along with the pipe work for the water in and out, drainage and motor housing for the pool cover. 

The finished product looked first class. But the project doesn’t finish there.  Behind the scene are pumps, valves, and all sorts of electronic controls to keep the water at the correct level, the correct pH and the correct amount of chlorine. Ensuring the pool is useable for more then just a few weeks in summer, there is also an air source heat pump, an efficient method of warming the water without running up large heating bills.

It looks a very beautiful and useful installation

Pump room                                                Ian’s Pump Room