30 May 2013 – Top Band Pedestrian DF Hunt

Not the best turnout, but it wasn’t a warm evening and it did look like rain, although the rain didn’t materialize.  Steve, M0DYR was the ‘Fox’ with help from Brian, M0HAS.  Transmissions started at 20:00 with 45 seconds of transmission every five minutes.  Steve’s signal wasn’t very strong at the club house, but seven members made a start.  Unfortunately, most members opted to try the Eastern end of Shefford, where the signal never got stronger.

That should have been the clue to go West!   However, by the time the Eastern portion had been searched, time was rapidly running out. Meanwhile, Stewart, G3RXQ opted to go West after obtaining a bearing in that direction. Twenty minutes later he found Steve near Campton road by the cemetery. Steve, Brian and Stewart arrived at the pub to find the ‘Eastern Group’ already there. Discussions followed about how and why we might have done better. Well, there’s always next year.antenna mount