4 July 2013 – SSB NFD!

Stewart, G3RXQ presented his plan for the club’s ‘re-entry’ in the SSB NFD on 7th and 8th of September.  Years ago, this contest was a fixture in the club’s programme, along with the CW NFD. Situations changed through the years and the club has not made an entry for a very long time.

 Using a PowerPoint presentation, Stewart showed how this contest coincided with the All Asia contest and showed how we could enter both, although each required a different (specific) report.

 The proposed layout of antennas were shown on the map and discussions followed about the merits of various locations.  The station equipment would be supplied by Stewart and consisted of a completely integrated station. One button could be used to set all the correct settings on the rig, amplifier, log and associated equipment. So, less tuning up time and less chance of using the wrong settings.     A BBQ has also been arraigned to round off the weekend!