18 July 2013 – Digital Mysteries

This meeting saw a temporary change of venue as the club meeting was held at Smiths Metals, Biggleswade.  On a hot evening, the air conditioned conference room made a considerable impression on members who had come to hear Ken, G4YRF present an update on the state of digital communications to the gathering, most of whom either had not tried digital or had not followed it enthusiastically.  A brief outline of modes followed with some indications of personal preferences.

The subject then turned to interfacing a rig with the PC or laptop indicating the need for isolation and sound control.  Methods were outlined to enable the proper settings to ensure the soundcard audio did not over drive the rig, nor visa versa.

Several website were cited that describe modes, some with recordings and some with watefall pictures to help identify new modes.

 Our host, Steve, M0DYR then took some members on a short tour of the works. A more complete tour has been promised for later in the year.

 The information given in this PowerPoint presentation was extensive and will be available to members who would like a copy.