5 Feb. 2015 – Talk About Your Favourite Rig

Eddystone 888   Drake TR7
Eddystone 888                                                                    Drake TR7

An evening organized by Bryan, M0BIK where members participated in a survey to find what rigs had been used over the years and which seemed to be the most successful in fulfilling members needs.

Most recent transceivers discussed were from the major three manufacturers, but surprisingly a few old radios caused quite a stir of nostalgia. The first in use from 1979 to 1999 was the Drake TR7, followed by an even older favourite, the Eddystone 888A which was in use in 1972, but now in storage. Another member told of his first radio which was his 10th birthday present. That was the R1155.

Marconi R1155
Marconi R1155