18 June 2015 – 2M Mobile DF Hunt

Fortunately, we had a very fine evening for the DF hunt. The Fox for this hunt was Martin Pope, M6SCI and Ian Taylor, G3ORG. Rather than trying to paraphrase the report from Ian, I can only best present it as received!

Last night three of the six hounds successfully found the fox in just over an hour of hunting.  The other three successfully found the Cock rendezvous pub close by!!

The first to arrive was Paul with a journey mileage of 10.1 miles*

The second a few minutes after was David with a mileage of 16.1 miles

Finally Bryan and Brian arrived with a mileage of 17.0 miles

*At the event Paul and I convinced ourselves that he had travelled 20.1 miles.  When I got home and redid the numbers (and remembered Paul had stayed put for two transmissions and also included a discussion with a local farmer!) it was clear our mental arithmetic left something to be desired.  A phone call this morning and another mileage reading at Pauls’ home has increased his mileage to 12.9 miles.  So Paul won even taking into account his journey home!

Please accept my sincere apologies for my mental aberration and in particular to David who was nominated the winner at the event.  David, I will recompense you on any celebratory Champagne you may have purchased as a result.

Ian,  Part time Fox

As a result, David responded:

Hi Ian,

Sorry but Jackie and I drank the Dom Perignon White Gold when I got home.


 What a show of Sportsmanship! My thanks to Ian and Martin for being foxes and thanks to those who took part. Afterwards we all met up at the above mentioned watering hole for a chat and a good laugh!