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14 Oct 2021 – Contests, Past and Future?

Don, G4LOO began by showing statistics from our CQ-WW SSB entry from 26-27 Oct 2019, followed by several photos of the site set up.

The 2019 ‘RUN’ Beam

That year we did experience several equipment problems which were reflected in the score. However, we did manage to be fourth in our class in England out of 8 entries.  Don showed the statistics covering bands worked and results achieved hour by hour during the entire contest.

Of course, 2020 reflected the operating restrictions due to the Covid Pandemic lockdown. Only two operators took part working one at a time. Their score in Europe was 57 out of 88 stations in their class. However, in England, they achieved First place in their class!

Don then explained the equipment to be used this year and how the stations would be set up and run. The aerials will be about the same as 2019 with an eye on the pitfalls experienced in 2019.


7 Oct 2021 – RSGB’s EMF Calculator

Members watched a video by the RSGB on filling out the latest EMF calculator.  Quoting from their web page: “The New Amateur Licence now requires all amateurs to check compliance with EMF exposure limits. Compliance is required after 18 November 2021 for frequencies above 110MHz, after 18 May 2022 for frequencies above 10MHz but below 110MHz, after 18 November 2022 for frequencies below 10MHz”.

As presented, the calculator only shows results for frequencies above 10MHz, the lower frequencies will be covered in a later publication.

Discussions followed the video, including some speculations about what will befall the lower frequencies.  The calculator can be found at      Look for RSGB/Ofcom calculator (3.6 MB MS-Excel Worksheet version rsgb11a) V0.1.2

Silent Key, Don Perry, G7FZE

Don was a quiet man who was an active member of our society. He lived in Luton all his life except for his time doing National Service in 1956. After that, Don returned to George Kent Ltd where he had originally done his apprenticeship in 1951. He worked for the company for 23 years till retirement.  Don was licensed in 1989 but had been a club member since 1975.

After an accident, Don passed away on 2 October, 2021. He will always be remembered and greatly missed.

Second Club Meeting – 16 Sept 2021

On the 16th of September we held our second ‘proper’ meeting; 13 members attended. The chairs were arranged in our usual format, which helped.

The topic for discussion was Telescopic Fibreglass Masts and some issues  with their use.

David explained how if affected by wind they can slip and retract a little.  This can be overcome by using jubilee clips. However, this in itself can cause problems as the metal can damage the mast.

The use of plastic tubing, as used in fish tanks, folded over the clip greatly reduces the hard pressure. The clips are located where the sections of mast are located.  This will prevent the mast slipping down and making the guys slack, which will stop the mast being damaged in high winds.

A selection ‘U’ bolts was demonstrated to enable fibreglass masts to be clamped to polls or other securing devices. These clamps come pre coated with hard rubber to prevent damage to the mast.

This short talk lead to some debate about where these clamps could be purchase and some of the problems others had had with their masts.

(text by David, G8UOD)

Club Meetings to Restart – 9 Sept 2021

On the 9th of September 2021 we had the first meeting back after the pandemic lockdown. The number of members who could attend was limited by the Hall’s Covid rules and the setting out of chairs was not our usual system. That seemed to hinder general discussions, but those who attended were pleased to meet again.

David would appreciate some feedback from members on the first club meeting since March 2020.  )

Just a reminder that if you intend to visit the club on Thursday evening please let me know. Numbers are limited to 25 and I need a list to conform to the Community Halls Covid risk assessment.  (

(text by David, G8UOD

Dennis Easterling, M0JXM, SK

2017 Class winner for construction

It was with great sadness we heard of the passing of Dennis on the 12th of August 2021.

Born in Blackheath, London in 1928 he was married in 1949.

His first job was Junior Clerk at the Radio Service Depot of GEC in Greycoat Street, London. He served National Service in 1946-1948:

Radar operator at Yatesby (Chippenham), RAF Sennen (Lands End),

RAF/RAE Farnborough, Welford (Buckinghamshire) and again at RAF Sennen.

Returned to GEC after National Service. Then to GEC Plymouth, and TMC St Paul’s Cray, Kent as Components Inspector in 1949.

He joined RAF Sennen as a civilian Radio Mechanic in 1950, arriving finally at RAF Henlow in 1969 as a member of Aeronautical Inspection Service for the Radio Engineering Unit in Calibration Development Squadron. He retired from the RAF in 1988, although returned part time in 1990.

While living at Biggleswade. He wrote books, including: Oscilloscope Equipment (1958),  Practical Radio Inside Out (1959), A High Fidelity Stereogram (1960),  Using an Oscilloscope (1960),  Practical Introduction to Digital ICs (1977),  It’s All Been Fun – An autobiography,  Also articles in magazines – Radio Constructor

Dennis progressed through the courses to full licence – M3JXM, 2E0JXM becoming M0JXM in 2008. His early radio construction was a one valve radio with a HL2 valve and a TX from ex WD equipment. While at RAF Sennen he built a trawler band converter.

Operated SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31 from 5W to 40W. 40m dipole/T wire aerial, 3 band co-linear (VHF). Rigs: Yaesu FT-817 with linear amps. Also on 600m using homebuilt 25W transmitter. Dennis’s first QSO was with Dick Wolf at Sutton in 2005 on 2m. His first HF report was with G6INU in Sidcup. He joined the Club’s Top Band Net in 2005 on 1990 kHz AM using a FT817 and later Rod’s (G3JKK) home brew TX using a separate Lowe HF225 RX.

he was a member of SADARS since 2005 where he gave numerous technical talks.

As a keen constructer he won several prizes in the yearly contests. Dennis was a member of the RSGB since 2005 and a member of the G-QRP Club since 2012

As a valuable member of our club he will be greatly missed.

(Text from The Club Book of Members, by Brian Farey, G8GHR)
3 years ago on Dennis’ 90th birthday!










A Special Notice from the Committee – 18 June 2021

We have over the past few months seen different options provided by the government on when things get back to some form of normality.

Various options have been looked at, only to be dashed by new strains of the covid virus.

For this reason we are now looking at returning to the Community Hall (Club House) after what would be our normal summer break.

The most probable date will be 9 September, where hopefully things will have some semblance of normality for us all.

As you can imagine we do not have a full programme as yet as we have not been in a position to organise any activities, having said that I am sure many of you have kept yourselves busy in one way or another.

I am sure that there have been things you have built or contacts you have made that will interest us all and this will be a chance for you to let us all know what you have been up to.

Some members have already volunteered to give a talk, which will start the programme off.

There will be a Committee meeting to set out our plans to move forward and bring the club back to normality.

Keep an eye on our website or emails for information.

Hopefully by September we will be in a safe environment, however if things change we will have to make some adjustments.

Stay safe and well.


8 March 2021 – G0GGQ silent key

It is with sadness we report the passing of a club member, Gerald Redding, G0GGQ on the 18 of January 2021. Gerald last visited  the club in 2017 as he was looking after his wife at the time. Later we learned that he had moved into care facilities.

Gerald lived in Shefford and was first licensed as G6PTB then G0GGQ in 1986. He first jointed the Shefford club in 1984.  He worked in Security Alarms and gave a lecture on how they worked on 15 Nov 1984. He was a prolific constructor and won seven cups during his membership.

On March 4th  2021 at the start of the evening 2m FM club net, a tribute was sent in CW to mark his club involvement.

The text read:


To Gerald G0GGQ from your fellow members of the Shefford and District Amateur Radio Society.

Rest in peace Gerald. You will be with us always.

de G3FJE     SK SK   (end of transmission)

Zoom Meeting – 7 Jan 2021

Each Thurs. evening our club Secretary David, G8UOD invites all members to join in our Zoom/2m net meeting. Most evenings we have about 10 to 12 members participate, not all are in 2m range so David, who serves as our host, will relay their zoom audio over 2m to the 2m group. All members are licenced radio amateurs.

The Zoom meeting on 7 Jan 2021

Paul, G1GSN serves as net control on 2m. Come join us!

Dealing with your Lelantos measurement —–7 Nov. 2020

Well, the first thing is to have a good look at the results using Lelantos to show the graphs.  Of course, if you believe you are being troubled by VDSL QRM you will already know that, but this may prove the source. If you’re still unclear about the situation, read:

The next step is to report the interference to Ofcom:

This may seem a daunting task, but in essence it’s really a statement of facts. You may be asked to keep a log of the stations you cannot hear due to QRM from VDSL (!)  This may be accomplished by comparing what you hear to that of a nearby online SDR or comparisons with another nearby radio amateur. The QRM will not be dealt with if only a few radio amateurs report it.

It has been known that Ofcom do not always provide a usable answer to the problem, so what to do?  Take it a step further.

For solutions please access ‘Practical Stuff’ on this website