30 May 2013 – Top Band Pedestrian DF Hunt

Not the best turnout, but it wasn’t a warm evening and it did look like rain, although the rain didn’t materialize.  Steve, M0DYR was the ‘Fox’ with help from Brian, M0HAS.  Transmissions started at 20:00 with 45 seconds of transmission every five minutes.  Steve’s signal wasn’t very strong at the club house, but seven members made a start.  Unfortunately, most members opted to try the Eastern end of Shefford, where the signal never got stronger.

That should have been the clue to go West!   However, by the time the Eastern portion had been searched, time was rapidly running out. Meanwhile, Stewart, G3RXQ opted to go West after obtaining a bearing in that direction. Twenty minutes later he found Steve near Campton road by the cemetery. Steve, Brian and Stewart arrived at the pub to find the ‘Eastern Group’ already there. Discussions followed about how and why we might have done better. Well, there’s always next year.antenna mount

16 May 2013 – A Video Night

Because of a hitch in the original plans for the evening, we found we needed a fill-in programme, so Don brought some videos depicting historic moments associated with radio and television.    Seems things weren’t always better in the Old Days! 

9 May 2013 – Designing & Building an In-ground Swimming Pool

Ian, G3ORG started by saying, ‘why, where, and how?’  The interesting part was the ‘how’.

Having chosen a high-quality fibreglass-reinforced vinyl preformed pool shell, he had to provide the hole for it. Not ‘just a hole’, but a perfect opening in the ground that would provide the correct support for the shell and the weight of the water along with the pipe work for the water in and out, drainage and motor housing for the pool cover. 

The finished product looked first class. But the project doesn’t finish there.  Behind the scene are pumps, valves, and all sorts of electronic controls to keep the water at the correct level, the correct pH and the correct amount of chlorine. Ensuring the pool is useable for more then just a few weeks in summer, there is also an air source heat pump, an efficient method of warming the water without running up large heating bills.

It looks a very beautiful and useful installation

Pump room                                                Ian’s Pump Room

2 May 2013 – Local Astronomy History and how the Bedford Planetarium was built

Following on from our visit to the Bedford School Observatory and Planetarium, Mr. Linton Guise and Mr. Philip Stone came to the club to tell of the history behind those who were instrumental in bringing astronomy to Bedford during the early 1800’s. The school’s observatory is named in honour of Charles Piazzi Smyth, who in 1846 was appointed Astronomer Royal for Scotland.

 Mr. Philip Stone then continued with the details of building the observatory which started with a massive cement base for the telescope as well as foundations for the brick building itself, then the construction of the glass fibre dome along with the mechanism used to turn it. Details followed as to how he made the star projector for the planetarium since none were available to fit the size of the building intended for it’s use. 

 Members were amazed at the complexity and ingenuity that went into this project!

The evening climaxed with a birthday presentation to Victor,G3JNB who was celebrating his 80th.  Bryan, M0BIK brought a cake which Kate, a work colleague, had made on the club’s behalf. The top was decorated with a 6L6 circuit, complete with vintage symbols!

Victors cakeleft, Victor G3JNB,   right Paul, G1GSN