26 September 2013 – All About SSB NFD

After a long Summer Break and my two weeks holiday, things should start getting back to normal  (for me, that is)

 The Club has been active in that members participated in the SSB NFD, 7 – 8 Sept.  Stewart, G3RXQ spearheaded the drive to get members interested in this contest which has not been on the club’s agenda for many years, mainly due to the fact that members were usually away on holiday. I’m unable to report ‘first hand’ since I was one of those who was away.

 However, on 26 Sept. Stewart and John, 2E0OAK, gave a presentation to members outlining aspects of setting up and running the contest.  Those who participated in the contest were blessed with good weather, except for the cold night!.  In all, it was judged to be Fun, which, after all, is what Amateur Radio is all about. 

 Originally, the programme planned for the evening was to be a speaker from the Butterfly Conservation Trust. We had hoped to hear  details of the use of radar to track butterflies etc. Perhaps another time?