10 Dec. 2015 – Mince Pie Evening


There was an exceptional turn out for the last meeting of the year, the Mince Pie Evening.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Meetings will re-start on the 7th of January 2016 with a ‘Welcome Back!’


3 Dec. 2015 – CQWW Wash-up and Ken’s Software

Don, G4LOO began with a Thank you to all members who helped with the setting up, operations and packing up afterwards. He showed some photos of the antennas and operations area. That was followed by a brief rundown of ‘what went wrong’, then a look at our final score. The un-adjudicated score looked pretty good, but it will be the final tally that really counts.

Ken, G4YRF followed by outlining ‘Software I have used’. This was a look at the software and websites used to find the ‘up and coming’ DXpeditions, then propagation programmes to find the best times for contacts, followed by the logging software which kept the best records of worked, QSLd and wanted DXCC prefixes. Described was the use of OQRS for collecting cards, if wanted.  A list of all the software and sites was supplied to members who wanted to investigate the methods for themselves.