28 Sept 2017 – The Development of the Typhoon

Copyright: Jamie Hunter

    On his third visit to the club, Former Air Vice Marshall Alan Merriman started by looking back to 1977 when it was felt that a more modern aircraft was needed to replace current models. Aware of the twenty years needed to bring a new aircraft on line, a plan was introduced to make use of the latest developments in composite construction, digital electronics and improved avionics. Cooperation with the various European agencies proved problematic at times, but several models were proposed and mocked up. The first flight of the Euro Fighter was in 1994 and the first Typhoon was delivered to the UK in 2006. The aircraft has since met or exceeded planned specifications.

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14 Sept. 2017 – What did you do in the holidays?

Last evening saw the return to regular meetings. There was good attendance and members took part in the ‘What did you do during the holiday’ session.  Some stories were quite humorous!

Next week our visiting speaker will give part two of his presentation about High Altitude Ballooning.