23 Nov. 2017 – An Audio Quiz by Brian, G8GHR

This year’s quiz consisted of a cleverly assembled number of sound samples grouped into categories leading to quiz answers. There were singers to be identified, mystery sounds to name, CW to copy,   as well as dates to recall. All very challenging!

The assembled members were divided into groups of four and the winning group, named KT66, was Bryan Bourne, Don Ross, Geoff Morris and Paul Schimmel who each took home a bottle of wine as the first prize.

16 Nov 2017 – The Most Secret Telephone Exchange

WAAF wireless operators

David, G8UOD began by looking at European history prior to WWll. With the aspect of war looming, Britain began the necessary steps to have materials and systems in place.

A central exchange was built to serve as a communications hub known as Q Central. The complex was built at Leighton Buzzard and was the biggest telephone exchange in the world  from 1939 to 1945, handling all telephone and teleprinter communications for the war in Britain, Europe, North Africa, and the Far East.  David told of how the exchange was connected to it’s many out stations. The complex remained secret until declassified in 2008 and after 2013 the site was cleared and sold for housing.

9 Nov 2017 – A video “Moving up to 1.3GHz”

John Worsnop, G4BAO

During the 2016 RSGB Convention, John Worsnop, G4BAO gave this talk. He began by outlining ‘Myths and Magic’ of 23cms. He covered what you are likely to work and in comparison to 2M, what’s the same and what’s different. He then went on to explain some system engineering and what matters and why. He finished by listing organizations and equipment suppliers for the constructor.

2 Nov. 2017 – The Austrian Job

An Austin Seven

This was a story of a group of Austin Seven owners driving their cars to visit Kirchberg in Austria.   Paul, G1GSN had volunteered to provide backup in his Land Rover. Not all the cars managed to make the entire trip, but those who did enjoyed their visit which included a stop at Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance and a visit to theZeppelin Museum. Paul played a DVD of the visit showing the cars and their maintenance during the 2017 trip.