27 Sept 2018 – A Historic CW Attempt from Henlow Signals Museum

Andy (L) and Victor at work  –  Photo by Paul, G1GSN, 20 Sept. 2018

At the invitation of The Curator Alf Fisher G3WSD, Shefford Club members visited The Henlow Signals Museum to attempt a CW contact with 95 year old Bram Grisnigt in the Netherlands. Bram, known during WW2 as ‘St. Patrick’ of Dutch Intelligence wanted to repeat a contact with the UK made seventy-five years ago to the day when he was dropped into occupied Holland by a flight from RAF Tempsford.

With Victor, G3JNB on the key and Andy, G4DAQ standing by as second op, trial contacts were successfully made on 40m. However, on the actual day of the memorial contact (Thurs. 20 September) 40m was not up to the propagation needed for such short skip. Overall direction of the event was being co-ordinated by the Amsterdam Dutch Resistance Museum and a change to 80m was tried. Bram’s message was copied at Duxford who had managed to have an 80m aerial in use.

The event was televised and shown by the BBC breakfast show on 26 Sept. Bram said he could still remember the code, although he had slowed down a bit.

Bram practising with the Paraset


20 Sept. 2018 – The Porthcurno Telegraph Museum by David, G8UOD

David told the group where the museum was located and some of the pitfalls with the local roads. He told of the history of the site and the different companies that had used the site from 1870.

There was a demonstration on how the Cook and Wheastone telegraph machine worked and also how positive and negative morse code was used.

David explained how tunnels were built to meet the needs of the war effort and the work that was carried out in them.

Cable types used were explained and the types of cable ships used.

he explained how the museum provides demonstrations of different types of telegraph machines and how children are catered for with simple system for them to try.