24 Jan 2019 – Construction Contest

Members judging entries

This year’s Construction Contest saw sixteen members attending to judge six projects. The categories entered were projects from a Kit and Weekend Projects. There were no entries this year in the Major Project class nor the Novice category. Members present on the evening judged the projects and two winners were found. The winner in the Kit Class was Martin, M0XMP who submitted a very well built QCX 5w transceiver kitted by QRP Labs. Along side his entry, but not entered, was a loop aerial used to show the rig operating.

Photo by M0XMP of his QRP 5W rig
Judges at work!

Don, G4LOO submitted the winner in the Weekend Special class. It’s a buried radial tester from a published design by Tony, VA3AVR. The unit is basically a  means of injecting an RF signal into the buried wire to find if it’s entire length is still connected to the earth being used by a vertical antenna.

Don’s Project

10 Jan 2019 – Video Evening

The story of WRTC2014, an Olympic styled radio contest comprised of  59 competing teams from 29 qualifying regions around the world. Competitors represented 38 different countries.

This video was edited and produced by James Brooks, 9V1YC, James took advantage of 9 roving video teams to capture the action at headquarters and out in the field, artfully telling the WRTC2014 story using the participants’ own words.

3 Jan 2019 – Welcome back

This was our first meeting after the holidays and members had the chance to tell of their radio activities over the period.  Later tea and biscuits brought the session to an end.