25 April 2019 – CCTV Security

Last night’s presentation was all about CCTV security systems for use in both commercial and domestic situations.

John brought a selection cameras and storage systems which use the latest technology.

These systems include the use of Internet Protocol controlled cameras of various types enabling users to monitor their premises in colour with controllability enabling panning and zooming in on specific situations.

Other cameras use coaxial cabling, which relies on having a local power source, while the IP network provides power to the cameras up to 100 metres.

Normal monitors enable the images to be seen and computer based storage devices enable up to 15 terabyte of data to be stored.

Members had several questions relating to what effect there would be on radio systems and noise from powers sources.

All in all an interesting evening.

                             Text by David, G8UOD

4 April 2019 – The Spring Junk Sale

The turnout for our Spring Junk Sale was very good, we even had visitors from other local clubs! However as always, the ‘quality’ of the junk was variable. This year we had a few too many books and magazines and not many ‘heavy pieces’ to take home. There were lots of bags of components but, as elsewhere in the hobby, they are not so much in demand anymore. Still, the evening was considered a success and a good chance to meet up and have a chat.