12 Mar 2020 – Meetings suspended

Due to Covid 19 and the attendant problems facing gatherings, especially by older persons. Our club meetings have been suspended until further notice.  Please check your email weekly or more often for updates.

During the Club’s shutdown, each Thursday there will be a club net on 2 Metres at 20.00 BST Starting on 145.50 and moving to an empty channel.  In addition, there may be  a 160m ‘Top Band’ informal  meeting  each Mondays at 19.00 BST on 1.985, SSB

All members and visitors are welcome.

5 March 2020 – A history of Woolworths, by Brian G8GHR

Brian began with a short biography of founder Frank Winfield Woolworth born 13 April, 1852 in New York. In 1879 Woolworth borrowed $300 and opened the first five-cent store in Utica, NY, Unfortunately, it failed within weeks!  His second venture was in April of that same year when he opened another store in Lancaster Pennsylvania where he expanded the concept to include merchandise priced at ten cents.

Frank expanded into the UK market by opening his first UK store in Liverpool, the date was 1908. Brian detailed significant points in the company’s progress by playing records that were on sale at the time, starting with an acoustic recording supplied on a five inch disc which sold for six pence. Through the years many recording companies served the Woolworth market with records by ‘not so popular’ artists sounding like the records at the top of the Hit Parade. They were still selling at a marked down price.

The company survived most of the problems faced during the years, but lost out during the 2008 banking crisis, and with falling sales the company went into administration.

A few of Woolworth’s products Brian displayed
More of the  many items   Brian had on display