25 Oct 2012 – Propagation Predictions

A talk about propagation prediction by John, G4BAO from the RSGB, covering HF Propagation, 7MHz and above.

We learned what the various terms mean and how they were defined and used; Why some frequencies are better at different times of the day and which to use to transmit and receive  the greatest distance.

John discussed various computer programmes used in making the predictions, some for sale, but most were free to use.

TEP, trans equatorial propagation was also explained, and while not the best mode for those living in Northern latitudes, sometime useful for a North to South route during the day, but only when near the sunspot maximums.

Autumn Junk Sale – 18 Oct 2012

Good turn out for the Autumn Junk Sale. We even had members from two nearby clubs attend.

All in all, it was a very successful evening, much enjoyed by all, even the bids and comments  that appeared to be by the visiting dog!