27 Feb 2014 – Five go to Holy Island


Bryan, M0BIK told of the Luton VHF Group’s IOTA trip to Holy Island near Anglesey in 2013. The group of five rented a cottage near the sea and erected a 3 element tribander as well as a new portable 40M Four Square antenna.

 While they were in Wales for the week, the group also activated Holyhead mountain as part of Summits on the Air (SOTA). More details and photos can be found on this site under ‘Links’, -Club Sites, -Luton VHF Group.

Terry's SOTA station                                                     Terry, G4UEM operates HF from Holyhead mountain.

20 Feb 2014 – Brian’s Novelty Radios

Brians Radios

Brian, G8GHR displayed over a hundred novelty and advertising radios which were produced from about the 1960s to current times. Brian pointed out that it was the introduction of the transistor that made such miniaturization possible along with developments in cheap coloured plastics.  Also on show were many thin vinyl discs which were produced by many companies as advertising. It’s hard to appreciate that without the internet and commercial radio this was considered a viable means of getting product information to the public. Many were produced during the 1920s and 30s and later. Brian played a number of recordings,  some featuring well known actors and musicians of the day. For instance, singing for Remington Roll-A-Matic shaver were Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong and Rosemary Clooney. Then Ben Cartwright who played Lorne Greene in the TV western Bonanza, was advertising Chevrolet cars!

novelty radiosJust a few of the radios on display. 

13 Feb 2014 – Construction Contest Winners Talk

Mods to Bird Thruline

Don, G4LOO, the winner in two categories, explains how he modified a Bird Thruline Power Meter to show peak readings for his entry in the Weekend Special Class. None of the modifications are permanent so at some later date the unit can be returned to it’s original condition, if necessary.

6M Amp Details

Entered in the Major Construction Class was a 6M Linear Amplifier built around a Russian ceramic valve. Don explained the problems associated in attaining efficiency in the power output.  As part of the control circuit, Don used a commercially  available PCB which he had to populate but he also decided to add sequencing to insure various areas were powered on in the correct order and proper time.      

6 Feb 2014 – A ‘Natter Night’

It’s always good to get together and have a general chat about club matters. However, we did have a visitor last evening; a person who used to be a member many years ago and hasn’t been able to attend lately because he has been working  and living a good distance away.  Now, due to changed circumstances, Nic,  was able to stop by and offered a short talk, ‘off the cuff’ about his work in Ferrites and Magnetism.  There followed an amazing flow of famous names, and some not so famous names and dates looking back to the 1700’s detailing people who had researched and experimented the subject. His account was brought right up to date with details of present information on the subject.  All together, an impressive talk, and without notes!

31 Jan 2014 – Annual Construction Contest

Photo by G4PSO

This year there were ten entries in the Annual Construction Contest. Of the four possible categories, only three had entries since the Novice category is for members who have never entered this contest before.  The contest was judged by members who were present on the evening.

 Top prize for the Major Project went to Don, G4LOO who had built a 50Mhz linear amplifier. The Weekend Special category was also won by Don who submitted a Modified Bird Power Meter. Last, but not least, was the Kit category won this year by Larry, G4OXY who submitted a Transverter which covered 4M and 6M.

One of the benefits of winning is being able to tell members about the winning projects. Don and Larry will get their chance on the 13th of Feb.  

Cups and Plaques will be presented at the Club’s Annual Dinner, which for this year, as a trial, will be a Mid Day Lunch!