31 March 2016 – ‘Bats in Beds’ by Dr. Gill Clough

To date, there are eighteen species of bat known to live in the UK, of which most can be found here in Bedfordshire. Dr. Clough detailed some of their calls and played recordings to illustrate the differences. Their method of echo location was also described.

As a member of the Bedfordshire Bat Group she has participated in park surveys to record bat activity at several locations where they spend an evening counting bats in and out of their roost. The group also participates in bat detector surveys, sonogram analysis, mist nets and at times, radio tagging.

Several hand held bat detectors and recorders were displayed with an explanation as to how they differed in their method of detection.

Magenta Bat4 Bat Detector
A similar detector, this one from                               Magenta Bat4 Bat Detector