28 April 2016 – PSK demo

Richard operating the rig
Richard operating the rig.                                                                                              Photo by Paul, G1GSN

An attempt was made to explain how to set up a PSK programme including writing macros to suit the operator’s preferences since some, by default in the installation, are not the wording that might be chosen by the members present.

Richard, G3NII supplied the rig, interface and laptop, while Ken, G4YRF supplied the necessary software and descriptions. Don set up a 40M dipole outside (in the rain) for the operation.

Digipan was chosen as the starting point as it seems to be the easiest to set up and get running.  Later, FLdigi was installed and the set up was found to be somewhat problematical. However, we did identify some PSK31 and PSK64 transmissions which enabled members to see the macros being used in PSK  QSOs. It was pointed out that the changes in the macros were done in very much the same way as Digipan, with a few exceptions.

Some features in FLdigi were pointed out which indicates how useful this particular programme is, especially with the many modes to choose from.