23 June 2016 – A 2m Mobile DF Hunt

On the evening of the UK referendum, four members turned out for the Summer 2m DF hunt. Although it had rained during  the day, the evening looked to be better.  This year the ‘Fox’ was Paul, G1GSN who started transmissions at 20:00 but couldn’t be heard very well. After a few more tries the transmissions improved and the hunters were off. Of course, the winner would be the person who drove the shortest route to the fox and not the first to arrive.

Martin, M6SCI assisted by Ian, G3ORG found the fox after having driven only 4 miles! The final tally showed that David, G8UOD had driven 5 miles and Derek, M0DLM had driven 6.

It appears the initial problem with the transmissions was caused by the dense and very wet foliage where Paul had parked up opposite the Southill school.

The group retired to the Brewery Tap for discussions and a drink.